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Official Player of the Year 'Do'

Wednesday 25th April 2012

Posted by crusader

Hello all

Along with two other supporters groups (clubs) PSG have been offered subsidised tickets for the official Player of the Year event at Deepdale next Tuesday (1st May). All PSG members are eligible but proof of membership would be needed. The subsidised tickets would cost 62.50 instead of 125 a 50% discount. A table of ten will be 625.

The club are offering this in respect of all the work / help that the supporters groups offer the club throughout the season and is a thank you from them to us. They do stress that tickets are going very well and that this offer will have to be taken up by Friday 27th April.

If you are interested then please get in touch with me so as I can put your names forward to the club and therefore giving them proof of your membership of PSG. Payment and collection of tickets will be your own responsibility once your name has been put forward.

I can be contacted by e mail or by mobile (07885777797) any time.

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