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Player JR Avg.
1. Stuckmann   6 6.12
42. Hunt   5 4.88
18. Devine   6 6.75
5. Robertson   6 5.75
17. Parry   7 6.00
16. Mayor   5 5.00
8. Coutts   6 5.25
38. Procter   4 3.75
37. Holroyd   (Subbed Off66) 5 5.12
39. Cummins   (Subbed Off79) 4 4.50
9. Proctor   (Subbed Off62) 4 4.50

25. Arestidou      
26. Wright   (Subbed On66) 6 5.25
10. Nicholson   (Subbed On79) 6 4.88
7. Hume   (Subbed On62) 6 5.88
34. Murphy      

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Preston NE 0 - 0 Chesterfield

Tuesday 6th March 2012 - 19:45 (League)

I'm struggling to take any positives from last night's game after watching North End barely going through the motions on a hugely frustrating evening at Deepdale. No shots on target in 90 minutes and a lucky escape at the other end spells real trouble for Graham Westley and the home support was not backward at letting the manager know their feelings after the final whistle. Chesterfield are a struggling team in this division at the moment but with any sort of luck they could have left Deepdale with all three points as the home side continue to drift aimlessly.

The game started in a mediocre fashion and got gradually worse as time and again both sides won possession only to lose it again just as quickly. Westley once again started with 4-4-2 but Proctor and Cummins were conspicuous by their absence for most of the first half. The two lines of four at least kept their shape with chances at a premium but as much as Coutts prodded and probed absolutely nothing was forthcoming in terms of excitement for the sub 10,000 crowd at Deepdale.

Not a great deal changed in the second period to be honest and the biggest cheer of the evening came when Hume was brought on around the hour mark. The diminutive striker inserted some energy into the game but he was a tiny oasis in a Deepdale desert of mediocrity. Later in the game Westley went three at the back to look for the winner and although Hume and Mayor both had efforts which went wide neither side looked like scoring in another game that was a cure for insomnia. In injury time ex North Ender Neil Trotman hit the bar with a thumping header but fortunately the ball bounced down and away to safety.

Just where North End go from here is anybody's guess with some already calling for Westley's head after three games without a goal and just one win in eight for the new manager. I reckon we are at least 10 points from safety and the sooner we get them the better because the value bet at the moment looks to be 25/1 against us going down again. It must improve on Saturday against Scunthorpe otherwise we are in trouble and once you get on a losing roll it is very difficult to break. As for last night's debacle - well the less said about it the better and the manager asking for the fans to trust him doesn't fill me with confidence either. I just hope that Ridsdale hasn't made a huge mistake.

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